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“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the Composting bag I bought last June has been working wonderfully and that I am VERY VERY pleased!!! I am a vegetarian so I have a good amount of scraps to feed it each week. Sometimes I grind up the scraps and sometimes I just throw them in as they are. It is odorless, efficient and attractive! The worms seem very content and appear to be happly multiplying. I am absolutely thrilled with it and I believe that every household should have one.
Thanks so much for this wonderful design and keep up the good work!”

“LOVE IT!!!! Now i have a happy home for my red wigglers!!! Thanks so much!”

“I gave my worminn as a Mother’s Day gift. I swear, my mom shed a tear or two over how awesome it was. Great product, great support service, great everything! Thanks so much!”

“I love my worm inn! I feel good about saving all of the food waste from the landfill, and my plants will love the worm castings! Robyn has created a really smart and elegant design — and she has been an amazing resource for my new vermicomposting project! Her information sheet will ensure that you and your new worms will be very happy!”

“Super fast shipping and WONDERFUL product! We are all set up and ready for the arrival of our worms this week. I am truly impressed with the quality of this. Thank you for a perfect transaction!”

“Worm Inn arrived today…Goodluck with this product, it’s beautifully made and just such a fantastic idea for us people who’d love to get composting but didn’t think we’d have the room. Many thanks.”

“Wonderful product – great design and workmanship, thank you!”

“I bought my Worm-Inn a few days ago, and it is larger than I expected. The fabric is heavy-duty and durable, very good quality, as is the construction of the bag. I am most-favorably impressed and eager to put everything together. I am thankful to have learned about the Worm-Inn so that I have a much better place than the kitchen sink disposal to put my vegetable scraps! And it will be fun to check the work that the worms do after a few weeks!”

If you would like to leave a comment about The Worm Inn, please drop a line – TheWormDude@Comcast.Net

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